Dėmesį patraukiančios antraštės

Reklamos antraščių kūrimas tai pastovus žaidimas su pirkėjų rinka ir jų psichologija. Kai viena iš antraščių patraukia pikėjų dėmėsį, po tam tikro laiko ji tampa jau „nematoma“ pirkėjų, nes jie jau priprata ir jūsų potencialųs pirkėjai krypsta nuo jo.

Fortunately, this happens relatively slowly across a wide range of industries. In
other words, as one headline loses its power in one industry, it might still be fresh
and productive in another.
The following headline templates have been provided as a guide to designing
great Engagement Pitches and headlines for your Inceptive Campaigns.“

Do you suffer from… ?

Headlines that start with ‘Do you suffer…’ can be very attractive to whomever is
suffering with whatever ends the question. And, there are a variety of ways to ask
the opening question:
Do you suffer from occasional cash flow stresses and worries?
Do you find yourself worrying about your retirement savings as you get older?
Are you currently suffering from poor sleep or feelings of fatigue?“


Warnings are very attractive because they immediately appeal to people’s desire
to avoid pain or loss. These headlines are used often so you want to make sure
they are well targeted and the more specific they are the better.
Do not buy coaching or mentoring until you have read this report!
Do not drink one more glass of milk until you know these three things!
Do not invest one more cent in the stock market until you see one disturbing fact!